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Western Wood Protection uses this amazing product for all its new and restoration jobs.
Many products today do not adequately protect and allow you to see the natural beauty of your wood. The natural breakdown and decaying process of wood causes splintering, graying, rotting and mildew staining. With the correct product and application your exterior wood will retain its natural beauty indefinitely. This procedure involves stripping off the old surface and protecting it with a high quality product that prevents weathering and beautifies at the same time.
The process of proper wood restoration involves:
  • Covering all vegetation and masking anything not to be treated.
  • Applying a highly effective wood cleaner to remove old stain and finish.
  • Pressure washing at a medium setting with warm water to strip the old finish and graying.
  • Applying a brightener to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Sanding any felting (fuzziness due washing), when necessary.
  • When dry applying WOOD IRON with an airless sprayer, then "back brushing" the product into the wood.
  • Complete cleanup and replacement of any deck furniture.
WOOD IRON'S qualities include:
  • Resins and oils which help bond wood fibers together, reducing splintering and cracks.
  • Transparent oxides to act as a sun block. These prevent nearly all of the sun's harmful rays from reaching the wood. As a result, the natural attractiveness of wood does not fade as quickly with time.
  • A water repellent which fills wood cells and helps hold out water. Thus color leaching and damage from freeze/thaw cycles is minimized.
  • A mildewcide to slow mildew and fungus growth for long periods of time.
Satisfied clients are our number one goal. With this product we feel we are giving our clients the best possible restoration and protection that they can get on all exterior wood surfaces.

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