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Joe Redfern
1559 Conestoga Circle
Steamboat Springs
Colorado, 80487
"I am continually amazed at what these products can do for old weathered wood."

Joe Redfern
Western Wood Protection
Werber, Rick & Serina
Highland WayYear: 2009
This 15 year old deck was previously painted with 2 different colors of paint & contained 2 types of wood - redwood & a very hard pine. The redwood sanded easily, but the pine was so hard, only about 90 - 95% of the finish sanded off. Some of the paint remained in the cracks. This created an interesting finish. It look like an old antiqued piece of furniture, with some paint still showing along with refinished wood. "It looks great," said Rick, the owner. "It looks better than our neighbor's deck who just had theirs done."

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