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Joe Redfern
1559 Conestoga Circle
Steamboat Springs
Colorado, 80487
"I am continually amazed at what these products can do for old weathered wood."

Joe Redfern
Western Wood Protection
Brennan, John
2635 Little Fish Trail, Elkin MeadowsYear: 2009
This job included refinishing a failed deck and handrails, where the old finish peeled away from the surface. The deck finish failed, leaving a blotchy gray solid finish. The owner included all of the supporting columns & beams for the deck and covered driveway entry, as well as all of the fascia around the house exterior. It involved working off of a 40 ft. ladder, so high the birds wouldn't fly!

Newly refinished deck and railing

Failed finish on railing

Stripped, sanded & refinished railing

Failed deck surface

Refinished deck & railing

Refinished deck & railing

Refinished deck & railing

Covered drive with a coat of Wood Iron

Covered drive

East facing deck supports & facia

Dan Bruce along ways up

Dan Bruce so high, the birds won't even fly here.

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