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Joe Redfern
1559 Conestoga Circle
Steamboat Springs
Colorado, 80487
"I am continually amazed at what these products can do for old weathered wood."

Joe Redfern
Western Wood Protection
Winward, Neil & June
31565 Aspen Ridge Rd, Dakota RidgeYear: 2009
The old finish completely failed. Much of it was curling up on the hand rails & deck. Much of it was a weathered gray, with no color of the natural wood. We sanded the deck & rails completely, exposing new beautiful 1 X 6 pine. After applying 2 coats of Wood Iron, it has a beautiful pine luster.

Refinished pine deck

Old , failed finish

New exposed pine

Effects of a failed finish

New finish

Sanding with random orbital sander

Sanded vs unsanded areas

Newly refinished deck

Newly refinished deck

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