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Joe Redfern
1559 Conestoga Circle
Steamboat Springs
Colorado, 80487
"I am continually amazed at what these products can do for old weathered wood."

Joe Redfern
Western Wood Protection
Atha, Russ & Carol
Country GreenYear: 2006
The Atha home was painted with a purple, which the owners did not like. Cob blasting is similar to sand blasting, except we use ground corn cob as a medium with a high pressure air compressor. It raises the grain slightly, however removes 99% of the old paint. The cob is recycled through the blaster several times before it is too round & full of wood pulp to use. We rinse the siding to remove all dust & pulp before applying Wood Iron on the surface. It is now returned to natural looking wood.
See Video: Cob Blasting The Siding

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